Individual Counseling

Every journey begins with a single step. An inch in the right direction. Yet giving permission for the journey of your heart to unfold is often difficult. Setting aside time can feel selfish. Walking through the challenges of life can be scary. Breaking past fears, getting “unstuck”— it can be complicated. You wonder if the work will be worth it. You wonder where it will all lead. You wonder if freedom and hope are truly to be found along the way.


Learning to navigate your heart—it’s past and present aches and longings—and learning how to walk alongside others is essential for discovering purpose in your life. Real, meaningful living involves finding safe places to tell your story, share your struggles and pursue healing; it means relying on someone to hear and hold what your heart has held alone. Individual counseling is a focused and supportive space for such work to be done. What could it look like for you to step onto a road of healing?


For Men

Each man weathers the hard knocks of life a little differently. But at the end of the day, we all feel a degree of loneliness, and we all battle with the question of failure and the fear that we aren’t enough. We have all asked, “Do I have what it takes?”


With doubt weighing upon us, it’s hard for us to share how we really feel. When counseling a man, we find words for the doubt and the hope he carries, and we discover how he can more deeply live from his heart. Our sessions include a focus on recognizing that man’s unique strength to impact the world and give courage to others, while helping him access the tenderness of his heart for those he loves.


For Women

As a woman, you have endured wounds, faced failures, and carried fears that have made you feel the need to shutdown, isolate, or hide. And like all women, you have probably wondered if you are too much or not enough.


We help women rediscover, embrace, and live from their true identity. In our sessions, we engage a woman’s doubts and hurt by honoring her tenderness and how it individually reflects the heart of God. We also step into past and current spaces of harm by recognizing where a woman is a warrior with strength for relationship with those she loves and for herself.