There is tremendous potential when we share each other’s burdens, normalize our struggles, support each other, and challenge each other. In community, the sharp edges of our defensiveness and self-protection get rubbed off. Having these rough places rubbed smooth can be painful; however, when we allow ourselves to be fully experienced in community, we come to see and love the truth of who we are. That is why community is essential for growth and healing.


Renewal for Men

I’ve never walked with a man for any length of time that didn’t have some kind of sexual struggle. And yet, these are the struggles we find most awkward, shaming, and difficult to address. While sexual addictions can leave us feeling helpless and powerless to change, you are not alone, and there is a hope-filled life waiting for you. The first step toward recovery often happens when a man discovers a safe place to talk about his secrets and gains the support of others who can identify and offer encouragement. For those interested in staying informed about drug addiction news, this group offers that kind of safe community. You can learn more about it at

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Journey Groups

A Journey Group is a faith and story-based experience for 5-7 participants. Over the course of 10 sessions, we will explore our life stories and give particular attention to the pain in our lives that has shaped us. Through this experience you have the chance to understand more about how your past has impacted your life and relationships. You also have the chance to choose growth as you anticipate the future and seek to walk with God and in community with hope and purpose. Journey Groups are a safe place to more fully experience the power of God with others in a healing community.

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Fathered By God Men’s Group

Far too often, men find themselves isolated and alone on there journey.  We wander through life wondering if this is all there is, wondering if we are enough, wondering if we have what it takes to come through and be the man that God designed us to be.  Often, we are searching for a true father, someone who can guide us on the journey.

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