Paul Russell MA LPC

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Everyone who comes into therapy has the right to have their own individual life journey as the focus of their therapy. Together, we develop a strategy that the client(s) can apply to their lives based on their wants, and concerns. Throughout my career, I have acquired many tools from an eclectic range of psychological fields, as well as a lifetime of experience in real-life applications. Aside from being empathetic, I am realistic – I offer straightforward, honest counseling that focuses on the clients needs and introduces psychological tools in a way that is easy to understand and apply.


As a personal believer in God, I have a strong sense of faith. From trash guy to senior pastor, I’ve done it all in church. I encourage others to develop a strong, healthy spiritual connection as I believe that we all need guidance and support from a higher power, not just our fellow humans. Having studied multiple faiths and denominational variations within them, I respect a client’s choice of faith. In therapy, we can include as much or as little faith interactions as the client wishes, with the knowledge that it is a core value I hold and encourage others to pursue.


If you have never been to therapy or been to many therapists, please set a time and meet me! I have been through many traumas, including childhood trauma, and I am blessed to still be helping others after stage 3c colon cancer 14 years ago. I have worked with people in some form or another since I was 19. I have worked in the business world, and as a nationally recognized special education teacher, I have also worked in juvenile and adult prisons, I have worked in high-risk families in their homes, I have also done group work, and couples therapy, and had extensive training and field experience in Trauma Recovery.


In addition to having been married for 28+ years and having two adult children, I love drinking coffee, and we have five dogs and a farm with goats, chickens, and ducks. As much as possible, I spend my time outdoors in MI fishing, hiking, and taking photographs. Also, I love playing video games when I have the time, watching SIFI movies, and collecting old books (my wife says I should stop, but she knows I won’t – lol).


As a final note, if you’re interested in working with me, please know that I believe laughter is powerful. It is important to laugh and enjoy what God has placed in front of us. Despite the serious nature of therapy, it should not add to your stress or anxiety. Since I am a client-focused professional, I have no agenda for you! In your counseling session, I will ask what you would like to work on, and if you do not have anything to say, that’s okay. I would just like to talk to you today. Life is doable, not always easy, but doable. There is positivity in or on one’s darkest journey.



Although I have worked with people in many different situations, I have particular experience and interest in the following areas.  That being said, I would love to get to know the unique nature of your story.

Trauma Recovery


Adjustment Issues

Men's Issues


Abandonment Issues


Relationship Issues


Spiritual Issues/Spirituality

Education and Experience

    • Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in Tampa Fl
    • Bachelors in family Psychology from Burlington College in. Burlington, VT
    • Associates in Psychology from Drury University in Springfield Mo.
    • 2yrs Seminary Central Bible College in Springfield Mo.