We are a collaborative group of licensed counselors who draw from many different schools of thought—including narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral approaches, and attachment theory. We are also deeply committed Christians who believe that the best of psychology and the best of theology are both important for helping people discover freedom and transformation.


Although good advice and coping skills can sometimes be helpful, our primary goal is to provide a safe place for you to unpack your story, along with a steady curiosity over areas where you have shut down or let your heart go into hiding. As we walk towards healing those places, we will help mark the space where God wants to meet you and lead you into new areas of growth and transformation in your life.


As a general Christian counseling practice, we offer counseling and care for individuals, couples and families who are working through a variety of different situations and struggles.  Each member of our group offers 20 or more years of experience within various aspects of the helping professions, and we would love to meet you and see if we could be of help.


What You Can Expect

At The Journey Christian Counseling we hope you experience a comfortable and relational environment where you can share your story and feel heard and understood.  We will do our best to influence the space that we share together to help you relax and feel confident that your story is being held with dignity and respect.  Counseling can be a bit scary and new for some, so we will do our best to create an environment of trust and confidentiality, where you can be yourself and we can journey together toward freedom and hope.


We also embrace that true healing comes through the work of Jesus. So as we create safety for sharing in our sessions and help you make connections in your story, we will also invite you to turn towards God and learn to rely more and more on Him for strength and wisdom. Through our sessions, we will journey with you as a support and encourager in the challenges of your life and relationships—cultivating hope and celebrating the healing that comes in the midst of honesty and reflection.



Meet Our Counselors

Matt Kenney


Wade Zeilenga


Tom Stewert


Sherilyn Shaffer


Anne Jansen

Counseling Intern